Yorkshire Air Ambulance Charity

Rockin' All Over The Wold began, as many ideas do, as a conversation over a pint of beer in a pub one evening back in 2012. Rich Graves already had the idea of putting on some sort of music event in Easingwold, probably in the pub, and was talking it over with Richard Tanfield, a recently elected member of Easingwold Town Council. Richard T liked Rich G's idea and suggested that it should be put forward as a suggestion for events to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, as Easingwold Town Council were looking to organise a full weekend of celebrations. The idea was duly put forward and the Jubilee committee gave it their approval and support. Rockin' All Over The Wold was born...........

Saturday June 2nd 2012 saw the first RAOTW event take place.

The Jubilee celebrations began with a charity market in the morning and then the live music took place during the afternoon and into the evening. It was a typical summer's day, top coat, hat, gloves and an icy wind! Guitarists on stage were complaining that they couldn't feel their fingers but in the true British spirit they soldiered on. The event saw a modest crowd, most of whom were huddled in the pub doorway trying to keep warm in between short trips out to watch the bands perform but at least to Rich G,  Richard T and their small group of helpers it had been a success and they had proved that it could be done.



Two years later RAOTW came back for it's first proper year as a stand-alone music and beer festival with the idea of raising funds by having a beer tent and donating the profits to The Yorkshire Air Ambulance Charity. The event has grown in stature each year with more and more supporters. Bands now chasing the organisers asking to play, rather than the organisers having to chase them. The event also gives a welcome boost to many businesses in and around Easingwold Market Place who are able to get involved with the event and cater for the large influx of visitors. One story is that  on the day of the first RAOTW, Easingwold Co-Op sold out of food and drink and then on following day ran out of headache pills! Whether this is completely true or not is lost in the haze of the past.




Every year RAOTW has been able to donate a cheque for £1000 to The Yorkshire Air Ambulance Charity. As well as this donation, the YAA charity stall attends the event and raises further funds through the sale of stall items and donations in the charity buckets. The YAA also invite RAOTW to their cheque presentation events where we are privileged to get a close-up tour of the helicopter and it's life-saving equipment and to personally thank the crew and paramedics who perform such a valuable job.

And finally.....we would like to thank all those who come along to our event and make it a memorable day, our team of volunteers who give up their spare time to help run the event, our bands and performers, Easingwold Town Council for allowing us to use their land and all of our sponsors who help to keep the event running.